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Challenges of being a cabin crew

Being a cabin crew member or an air hostess has been a dream profession for many. There are several benefits of becoming a cabin crew member like being able to fly all over the world while helping people, living a fast and active life, free accommodations, and more make this an ideal job for a lot of people.

But, sadly, keeping up a cabin crew career is not always fun as it has its own hardships just like any other profession. Read below all the Challenges of being a cabin crew that make the job difficult at times

Some of the challenges of being a cabin crew are as follows:

A busy time schedule

Being a part of a cabin crew is not a 9-5 job with fixed timings in an office. It can get very tiring for people as the cabin crew has to go with their aircraft’s schedule. With experience and promotion though, the member’s schedules can get easier and they get free to select their flight schedules.

Many people would not consider this as a disadvantage though because they want to travel and have an active life but many a time, it becomes difficult for the cabin crew to maintain a proper schedule.

Difficulty in maintaining work-life balance

Because of the busy schedule, it is likely that in a cabin crew career, the member may not get the time to manage their personal life and their work as an air hostess on duty as per the aircraft’s flight timetable can get between their relationships. They have to be active whenever their schedule takes them and it leaves less time to have a normal personal life with proper timing.

Lack of sleep and nutritious food

While this totally depends on the attendants’ schedule, the cabin crew often has to follow the flight schedule and this can take a toll on their sleep schedule and health as they have to get just their timings according to the airline. 

Cabin Crew often do not get a chance of eating a homemade nutritious meal as they are in the air and the same reason goes for sleeping timings. This keeps them away to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to compensate for it, they turn to unhealthy choices, diets, and more.

Dealing with difficult passengers

After getting the job of an air hostess in an airline, many times they would face rude, nervous, and even tricky passengers while helping or handling them in their career.

While dealing with these kinds of difficult passengers, one must remember that as a cabin crew, it is their job and they must remain professional and not take anything personally whilst calming and accommodating passengers of all kinds on the flight.

Time deadline

Generally, it is not in the hands of the air hostess to select their timings, and instead, in the hands of the airline, many cabin crew details are given to them at a tight schedule and within a deadline to come to work and adjust their schedule accordingly.


Despite these challenges, the pros of being a cabin crew member can outweigh the cons. With passion, experience, and determination, you can make a successful career as a cabin crew member and enjoy the journey. If you’re serious about becoming a cabin crew member, consider taking a course at Avis Aviation Academy to get a head start on your career.

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